As long as you remain constant
Some things seem to be better
Yes it’s constant
The tiresome days and restless nights
I won’t end it
I won’t change this hobby of mine
For they make me believe
That I belong in this world

My mom scolded me this morning
I woke up late and entered school late
People asked me why
Watching drama is all I’ve said
I’d never stop this hobby of mine
For this gives fantasy to my reality
For they make me believe
that there’s fulfillment in every dream
And that there is hope in troubled times

Nerd, I heard them say
For I read from morning till midnight
Yet I won’t stop reading
For they bring me into another world
For they remind me that there are good things in this world
That there’s a escape in this boring reality

I hurt my classmate’s feelings
I am the cause of her pain
Yet I know I did the right thing
For I spoke frankly right in front of her
I needed to tell the truth
For who else can? Who else will?
There is nothing but me
I don’t want to speak lies
For the truth will chase me
And this personality of mine
Is my favorite of all

Although, I was never really good in Math
These things are constant in my equation
They may not be constant in life
But in this heart of mine, they are