“What’s life for you?”

The question goes like that, it seems so easy to answer, right? One may say that it is all about living, adventure, game, etc.

But this is my answer to that question, life for me is a life itself, it doesn’t have something to do with, adventure or a game or a challenge, or whatever you want to compare life with, believe me it doesn’t mean something (that is, if you really want to believe me) Well, it’s just my opinion.

I used to admire those person who compare life into some metaphoric phrases and deep terms, but now, I do not. I simply understand them, they need to play on words to earn trust, to earn sympathy, and of course, to build their reputation.

There are 20 definitions of life in MERRIAM-WEBSTER DICTIONARY, but to sum it up: “LIFE IS EVERYThING THAT IS ALIVE” or we can say that life is something that is alive.

Life for me is being alive.
Trials come and go, obstacles can be overcome, problems be solved, by the end of the day, you face more challenges, That’s the reality of life, if you don’t fight, if you never tried, if you have given it up, will your life be still called life? That’s the essence of having trials or obstacles in life, they make you feel alive.

Life’s meant to be lived, it desires to live. It is essential for a human being to live because he/she is given this precious life, whatever a person want to do with it, is what they do to keep it alive.

Some may treasure or dump it, love or hate it, others are fighting for it, one may cried for it, everyday in our lives, there are people who are struggling to be here. There are people who is fighting in this messed up world, yet they choose to be alive. They choose life more than death, they choose it because they knew that life is a life, and that it should be used; it should be lived.
so if you’re reading this please do something, do what you think you need to do, it’s just like thanking the One who gives it, you are being grateful to GOD by being alive, by living that life, and by not taking it away.

Life is life. Use it. Cherish it.

“Your life will be brighter than the noonday.
Even darkness will be as bright as morning.”
-JOB 11:17